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Come get drunk at Lauro Criativa

Come to my comrades, my friends artists, producers, activists and other partners who somehow get involved in the fantastic and seductive world of artistic-cultural making. And come, too, who don't call themselves artists, but let yourself be enveloped by Nietzsche's words: “Art exists so that life doesn't destroy us”. Come all to celebrate the arrival of Lauro Criativa, conceived by the restlessness of Peri Rudá, a figure who spontaneously fell in love with culture, allowing himself to be seduced by the intoxicating world of songs, dances, prose and poetry, of pleasurable experiences of participation, in love, in fervor, in communion, in exaltation, in rite, in celebration, in the intoxication of all forms of arts and cultures from Laurofreitense that transfigure the prosaic lives of obligatory and utilitarian tasks in the daily lives of the local people.

Bring everyone together and embrace the electronic portal, which opens invitingly and brilliantly on such a significant day, May 18, International Museum Day, as this type of equipment as well as other cultural spaces, such as Lauro Criativa is already the same, as guardians of the identity ethos of peoples all over the Planet, with the mission of preserving, revealing, and even fostering, the great diversity of their artistic expressions and cultures manifested in everyday experiences Social.

Lauro Criativa, according to Peri Rudá's daring and solidary dream, was born with the mission of providing broad visibility to local artists, a strategy designed even to promote their work in financial perspectives, in accordance with the guidelines of the creative economy, to point out for the socio-educational role of their creations, with political value to call for inclusive socio-economic development initiatives in favor of cultural agents, a generic expression to designate all those involved in the production and dissemination of the different artistic segments of the municipality.

Lauro Criativa differs from the praxis of the mainstream media of directing only the artistic productions of the cultural industry, of agents belonging to the select group of celebrities, regardless of the quality of their work, due to the voracious logic of the market.

At Lauro Criativa there is another way of acting, through its efforts to provide great evidence to local artistic agents not covered by media focuses, as well as to other elements of culture, a procedure that recognizes art as an intellectual work of individual or collective creation, and according to its characteristic of being the most commonly recognized object in the immense field of culture, and it is also dedicated to everyday societal manifestations formed throughout historical identity processes. Cultural goods that remain firm and unaltered thanks to the roots of their traditions, but always in coexistence with other expressions that spontaneously undergo changes and adaptations, or even new products, according to the natural and inexorable movement of human existence, continuously passive to new artifacts of the arts and cultures.

We know that in the complex and comprehensive world of culture it is not possible to just conserve and strengthen roots, a procedure that would inhibit the intellectual capacity of agents to create and invent, would curtail the privileged freedom to make art, but there is no way to cut roots and live only on choices , in acts of denial of cultural heritage of inestimable value. Life is linked to arts and cultures, in accumulations of knowledge from our ancestors, resulting from other types of experiences, those of their time. Therefore, if we build our social life without choices, we renounce our ability to think, create and innovate, to the enthusiastic and seductive founding act of original and original art, the motivational action of every artist, who so longs to go where the people are. However, it is impossible to build a society without roots, just as there is no way to have trees with only leaves and fruits.

Lauro Criativa is inspired by the recognition that in its city, among artists and people, there are strong native cultural traits and diversified artistic-aesthetic production, in a social space with many types of talents, those inspired by the rich endogenous cultural memory.

There is, therefore, the challenge that Lauro Criativa imposes, but in the form of a privilege, the work interested in discovering artistic talents and their works that recount stories, memories, knowledge, practices, customs, traditions, in quilombola, indigenous and fishing communities . But also the other types of artists who with their revolutionary creations interpret and represent the present of family and social experiences, communicational exchanges, parties, colloquial languages, everyday oralities of the local population, in open markets, in markets, in churches, in schools and squares, or even on social networks.

Culture group, come and embrace Lauro Criativa, assist in its noble mission of going out in search of the narratives of the invisible, according to its ideology of carrying out the social construction of memory and the critical perception of local society, in tasks designed to keep the old women alive. trees with strong cultural roots, in order to continue to harvest and taste their well-known fruits, in addition to seeking to know the younger trees, to also encourage them, with the privilege of still experiencing their differentiated and equally delicious fruits.

Professor André Piva / doctor in culture from UFBA / coordinator of Paraíba Criativa, older brother of Lauro Criativa


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