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Lourdes de Sousa

Lourdes de Sousa

Place of birth: João Pessoa-PB

Date of Birth: 11/04/1968

Artistic and cultural activities: singer, composer and violinist.

Practice Area: State, Region, City and Neighborhood


Phone: (21) 9999999

Lourdes de Souza is an artisan and designer from Lauro de Freitas-BA, she used to do her art for thirty years in parallel with nursing, but as of June 30, 2000, she decided to take up the profession of artisan, working custom-made and commissioned, providing services in condominium houses and inns.

Lourdes produces Pactworck bedspreads , curtains, pillows, decorations, towels, table runners and furniture seats according to the models. The artisan uses various techniques, applying decoupage with fabric, freehand painting, open hem, macramé, crochet, beads and even natural ornaments made of coconut fiber, wood and sea shells.

The artisan works with sustainability, using things from nature, creating and reinventing, “I get emotional when I finish each work. It's like an embryo for a period. I love my work, it gives me the opportunity to live with various people, materials and it touches my creativity”, said Lourdes de Souza.

He occupied the handicraft chair in the Culture Council of Lauro de Freitas until 2019. He fought with the Sustainability Bank to launch the Abrantes Comunitário coin, registered in the mint. In many actions, he collaborated with the realization, always defending the handicrafts of the state of Bahia and representing the handicrafts of Lauro de Freitas, such as in the launch of the handicraft catalog at the launch of the Costa do Coqueiro complex.

By Israela Ramos, updated by Peri Rudá

His Brazilian musicality and bold interpretations won, in addition to a loyal audience, the praise of critics. As an interpreter, Erick worked with the groups Cesta Básica (PB), Mercedes Band (CE) and Grupo Etc and Tal (AL), already with the groups Sine Qua Non (PB) and Zaraquê Trio (RN) recorded albums where he also acted as composer.



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