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Festa do Padroeiro Santo Amaro de Ipitanga

Festa do Padroeiro Santo Amaro de Ipitanga

Place of birth: João Pessoa-PB

Date of Birth: 11/04/1968

Artistic and cultural activities: singer, composer and violinist.

Practice Area: State, Region, City and Neighborhood


Phone: (21) 9999999

Celebration Date: January 15th

Year of Creation: 1608

Location: Lauro de Freitas – BA


The feast of the patron saint of Lauro de Freitas in Bahia began with the construction of the Parish of Santo Amaro de Ipitanga , to honor him. In these more than four centuries of journey, the faithful participate in novenaries and masses. The festive day is always celebrated on January 15th.

Every year, the festival has a central theme in 2021 was “And the word became flesh and meat became bread”, as usual on the festive day, masses were held at different times.

The parish was built by Jesuit priests, under the guidance of Father José de Anchieta, with a structure of mixed masonry walls of stones and bricks. Being listed by IPHAN (National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute) in 1944 and undergoing two reforms in 1975 and 2019. Currently under the administration of Father Juraci Gomes, the parish consists of seven communities: São Mateus, São Pedro, São João Batista, Bom Pastor, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Grace and Mother Church.

Like other festivities, the celebration of the patron saint is Lauro de Freitas' cultural heritage that attracts thousands of faithful in the Matriz square.


His Brazilian musicality and bold interpretations won, in addition to a loyal audience, the praise of critics. As an interpreter, Erick worked with the groups Cesta Básica (PB), Mercedes Band (CE) and Grupo Etc and Tal (AL), already with the groups Sine Qua Non (PB) and Zaraquê Trio (RN) recorded albums where he also acted as composer.



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