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Charanga Vem Com A Gente

Charanga Vem Com A Gente

Place of birth: João Pessoa-PB

Date of Birth: 11/04/1968

Artistic and cultural activities: singer, composer and violinist.

Practice Area: State, Region, City and Neighborhood


Phone: (21) 9999999

It's a band that plays the carnival march that cheers all age groups.

The trajectory is to travel all over Bahia in the Bands and Fanfares championship and bring the title to the City.

His Brazilian musicality and bold interpretations won, in addition to a loyal audience, the praise of critics. As an interpreter, Erick worked with the groups Cesta Básica (PB), Mercedes Band (CE) and Grupo Etc and Tal (AL), already with the groups Sine Qua Non (PB) and Zaraquê Trio (RN) recorded albums where he also acted as composer.



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