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The wings of culture

Culture, this friend of ours, is an open door to the unknown, an irresistible invitation to endless adventures, because, without introducing itself, it arrives slowly, seductively and without fear, subtly displays its complex elements, dressed up in beauty and simplicity . Aiming to show the paths that will lead us to pleasant surprises and explorations that increase our strength, reinvigorate our resistance and, not satisfied, search us deeply, revolving knowledge and provoking experiences of ancestry that, asserting themselves in postures of recognition, bring wisdom and it provokes feelings of identity, love and freedom.

As "Alice in Wonderland", she creates around herself, a whole collective imagination, recreates and streamlines behaviors, celebrations, beliefs, thoughts and, by ritualizing life, proposes alternative forms of actions that break with manipulative perspectives and enable horizontalized transformations in the core of those who make up the popular. This continuous and permanent flow, socially naturalized, is the collective product of the lives of the people who create, express, sing, dance, eat, ritualize and give wings to the imagination. Here is the dynamics of these people, their style, their life and their art; the sacred and the profane, existence, coexistence and its wonderful journeys.

Consciously positioning oneself, free from the shackles, limitations and impositions of a dominant culture, seems to have been the political posture over the centuries of those individuals, targets of the domination of bodies, minds and souls who, deprived of all social conditions In force, their weapons were ancestral wisdom and a cosmovision necessary for the cruel limitations of the rulers of power. The wings of imagination were fundamental subterfuges, as they magically helped transform the pains and laments into poignant music and tales full of illustrations and beauty that enrich and gratify us. Despite the tragedy, we have the lessons that guide us and the wings that carry us.

Airton Santos

Bachelor of History with Master of Finance. Resident of Ipitanga.


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